Welcome to Swing Dancing in Summit County!

Our goal is to provide information and classes to support all things Swing Dancing in the area. This includes Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charlston, and even the Jitterbug (East Coast Swing). To find out more about us and (and see a larger version of this 6.5 minute video), please visit our About Us Page.

Colorado Dance Opportunities

Here are upcoming and regular events where you can find dancing although you may have to travel some.  If you learn of any events that are not listed, please let us know.

Community Minded Dance

Check out Community Minded Dance at cmdance.org for  upcoming events such as the annual Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout and Lindy on the Rocks in Denver.  They offer great learning opportunities for everyone from beginners to pros as well as evening dances to live bands.

Dancing in the Rockies

This new website provides even more information about events and dance opportunities in Chaffee, Eagle, and Summit Counties. DancingInTheRockies.com

Recurring Dance Opportunities

Affordable Private Dance Lessons!

East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop,
Charleston, and Balboa Lessons

We teach swing dance lessons privately in our home.  We specialize in East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Lindy Charleston and Balboa.  Because we want to develop a swing dance community in Summit County, we offer lessons at an incredibly low price—only $25 per hour for a couple. We teach at your pace, not ours. Got 2 left feet? We’ve had some success with people who said they had never danced.  If you can walk and tap your feet to the music, you can swing dance.  Contact us by email at info@summitswing.org.


Country-Western Lessons - LET'S DANCE! 

Country-Western DJ & Dance Instructor
Michael (Tex) DeGarie
Ph. 970-468-6830 
e-mail: texdegarie@yahoo.com



For More Information

Contact Summit Swing at 970-333-1781 or via email at Info@SummitSwing.org.